On Line Registration
Monday Night          Thursday Night

Second Session
Monday League Starts
: January 8, 2018
Thursday League Starts: January 11, 2018

Game Schedules
Monday          Thurdsday


Monday Nights 7:30pm and 9:00pm Game Times
Thursday Nights 8:30pm and 10:00pm Game Times
15 Games includes Playoff
$250.00 Per Player for 16 Player Roster
(Does not include jersey – Team jersey pricing available)

• Payment in full must be received by 2nd week of play, no exceptions
• Scottsville Ice Arena reserves the right to fill team rosters (16 players with goalie)
• League plays by USA Hockey & SCIA Rules
• Full Equipment including Shoulder Pads Required – Face protection suggested
• Players must sign in with scorekeeper before each game
• 4 Sub maximum per team – Subs only permitted to replace missing rostered players. Subs must be identified at beginning of season. Only players who have played a regular season game may play in Championship.
• No charge for subs if team is fully rostered with 16 paid players, otherwise $20 per sub
Special Rule: 3 minor penalties received in one game will result in ejection from the game and suspension from the next scheduled games. This rule is in place to keep the game clean

For information call 889-1810 ext 1 or email


2000 Scottsville-Chili Road    Scottsville, NY  14546
Direct during business hours (585) 889-1817
For Rink Info and to leave messages (585) 889-1810

mailing address: PO Box 93015   Rochester, NY  14692